Material Needed To Make Your Own Ladder Golf Game

Parts List for a set of 2 ladders and 15 bolas.
(enough for 3 teams)

4 ea. 10 ft pieces of 3/4" schedule 40 PVC

4 ea. 90 deg 3/4"  schedule 40 PVC  (used for the top rung)

12 ea. 3/4 tee  schedule 40 PVC

  • (used for the middle and bottom rungs and also the base pieces)

4 ea. 3/4 inch adapters PVC to male pipe thread  (schedule 40 PVC)

  • (the male would go on the base to screw onto the upright piece)

4 ea. 3/4 inch adapters PVC to female pipe thread  (schedule 40 PVC)

  • (the female would go on the upright near the base)

8 ea. 3/4" caps  (schedule 40 PVC)

  • (for the ends of each foot)

15 pieces of 1/4" nylon rope 20 inches long   (do not go any thinner than 3/16".  They tangle up too easily)

3 colors of electrical tape for the 3 rungs. 
      (The tape dampens the shock of the golf ball hitting the ladder rung)

Sandpaper, PVC cleaner and PVC cement for the PVC (the small can of each is more than enough)

Golf balls - 10 golf balls of the same color for each team .  If you cannot find colored golf balls, use colored tape on the balls for each team.

Colored golf tees - the same color as the golf balls used to make the bolas.  We have found that these tees can get broken with a fierce game, so have extra tees available.