End Times

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Anyone who has studied end times prophecy has been asked the question, "When will the end be?"  And I suspect that they all told those who asked the question that they don't know. 
  Prophecy can tell us only as much as the Lord meant when He gave it to the prophets.  The end of the world has always been questioned.  We know it's coming sometime.  But when?  We don't know.  Jesus said that He didn't even know. (see Mark 13:31-32).

   So what good is prophecy?  We can use it to tell much of what it going to happen.  We may not tell exactly when it will happen, but we can tell what will happen.

    Jesus was asked the same question in Mark 13:4.   Jesus had just told them about the temple stones that the building was made of.  He said that "Not one stone here will be left on another;  every one will be thrown down." (NIV)  This is when the disciples asked Him (verse 4) "Tell us, when will these things happen?  And what will be the sign that they are all about to be fulfilled?" 
    So Jesus proceeded to tell them some of the things leading up to the end.  They also wanted a sign as to when the end things were beginning to be fulfilled.

    The Bible has many end time references and prophecies.  I don't understand them all and there are probably some that I don't even know are end time prophecies.  But what I'll try to do is go over the order of events, as I see them,  leading up to Jesus' second coming.

Thinking about the end-times, especially the 7 year tribulation period, brings up many questions.