StarDate 04.23.2005

Well, we all had a good time at the cross-questioning period that followed our mission

To recount:  Our mission was transport the legendary Orb of Knowledge from Delphi 4  to Vulcan for study. It (or what we presumed to be it) was  recently found during a routine archaeological and mapping expedition. It was noted that Delphi 4 was very close to the neutral zone between Federation and Romulan space so it was of utmost importance that we not let the Romulans learn about finding the Orb.

The questioning began when the Orb was missing.             

Excuse the pictures. We must have been running through an ion storm at the time and it interfered with the camera.
To make the atmosphere more relaxing, we used a Holosuite and created a 2005 dinner table where we enjoyed a nice "home cooked meal". 

Here are the players:

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