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Last Train from Paris

Murder Mystery #1  (4/6/02)

Well, we found out who murdered the one who sent us each an invitation.  There were 10 of us there, however, only 8 were ever seen at any one time. That seems suspicious in its self.

Well, here are a few pictures of the guests and the help - including the murderer.

Mr. Khover T. Ageante

    He was a well-traveled and worldly individual whose home is in the British Isles, but he is there very seldom. I guess that's why his accent was Click to enlargevery much like an American rather than that of a British subject.

    He has traveled all over Europe and has dined at the finest hotels and restaurants on the continent.

    There seems to be sort of a mystery about him prior to the meting. No one seemed to know exactly what he did or why he traveled so much.

    But during the meeting, the secrets all had to come out.

    He was considered a suspect in the murder of the victim.

Princess Idelle Chattre

    She was from the nobel Chattre family in Paris.  Her descendants now Click to enlargelive in a heavily wooded land in the north.

    Despite her youth, Idelle is aware that she alone carries on the family line. She is very strong-willed and quick to anger, and is quite beautiful. It is also rumored about her that she has considerable family wealth that she has safely invested overseas.

    She was also considered a suspect in the murder.


Malcolm R. Conntint

    Now dosn't this here look like a really shady character to you?  Does this look like the face of an Click to enlargeinnocent man?

    "Mal" is a soldier of fortune. He's pretty secretive, but well-known in Paris. For some reason, it is said, he cannot return to his home in the U.S.  Some say he killed a man, some say it was an affair that he had. Either way, he's a shady character, he is.

    This made him a suspect too.

Mary K. Trairie

    Despite the innocent looking face, Mary was also a definite suspect in the murder. She has been a journalist for one of the big papers and, it has been said, told the true story of the war in Europe. But we question the truth of her stories after the meeting we had on the train. But she made lots of money on them. Click to Enlarge

    She used to be married to a city editor named Harold Trairie, but the marriageedidn't last.  We wonder if Harry did.

RAF Group Captain Weyland W. Auforce

Captain Awforce is known as "Wey" by those who know him best.  He has one of the most formidable armaments available to the British Armed Forces.

He was shot down over Germany, however, he made his way to Paris and, at the time of our meeting on the train, was trying to return to England. Click to Enlarge

Captain "Wey" Awforce is also an Oxford graduate.

Perhaps because of his noble character, we also considered him a suspect.

Was he trying to hide something???

Barbra Z. Enhussie

This here is a rich, spoiled and beautiful girl. Her father was the French perfume king, Louis Z. Enhussie and was brought up in extravagance.  She has carried on this tradition in all respects. Click to Enlarge

She resides in her home, Chateau Enhussie, outside of Paris and in her huge apartment in the city.

"Everyone" who is anyone in Paris knows who Barbra is.

Because she is used to always getting her own way, she was also a prime suspect in the murder.

Duke Schwazhe B.U. Klare

The Duke also had to fight his way through enemy lines to reach Paris. He and his men brought valuable information concerning German troop disposition to the French High Command. He is hero to his own people, a small country called Alzase-Laverne. Click to Enlarge

The Duke was schooled extensively in military matters and is a great swordsman. He also used to play baseball, but is now suffering from the after effects of it.

The Duke never married and is considered one of the most eligible bachelors in Europe.

He was also considered as a suspect - because he "just seemed guilty".

Belinda Screete

Belinda says that she's only a "simple dressmaker", but the women in the inner circle of Paris society know her better - and so do we.

She owns a high fashion studio in Paris and has become well known in the Paris Fashion world. Click to Enlarge

Because of her status in the fashion world, she is a frequent guest at the mansions of the wealthy and influential citizens of Paris.

But she was there in the train and, thus, became a suspect in the murder.

Our Cook on the TrainClick to Enlarge

Although she cooked up a superb meal, she had a surprisingly familiar look in her eyes.

And we never got her name . . . .


she was aided by

Our steward for the eveningClick to Enlarge

We never did get his name either.

It is rumored that he also has a second job as bell-ringer for a local church.

We thank you all for coming and we hope to have several more of these in the future.

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