Title 1

If you will remember, we were all suspects in the murder of Joseph Glik.  He was murdered deep in the Catacombs of Rome. You have probably forgotten who murdered Joseph and we have all left Rome. We can still look back on this time and laugh, cry or have compassion on the murderer - whoever he or she is.

Joseph Glik was an American and it looks like someone didn't like him very much because his life was cut short with the blade of a stiletto into his skull. And, get this, the murderer stuffed him way back in the Catacombs in a small tomb area that he or she dug in from the side of one of the narrow tunnels. I'm sorry that we don't have a picture of him to show you, but he's your ordinary deceased guy, non-moving, stiff etc.


Since we were all accused of Joseph Glik's murder, here we all are. Of course none of us will confess to the murder, so let someone else figure out who the guilty one is. 

Here are the suspects:

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